GeoCube Modular Concepts

Geo-Cubes have the ability to unify a space, bringing surroundings into focus in quite unexpected ways through the play of light and reflection. A modular concept of both clear and mirrored glass cubes which can be stacked, scattered individually, or placed in combination with others of the same or different dimensions within both city and rural garden environments.

The placing or arrangement of these cubes in juxtaposition to any environment creates a sense of something other to the viewer; a presence, perhaps, of inner or outer; a sense of space, depth and light where maybe it doesn’t normally exist. In passing them unseen at first, they flash a sudden glimpse out of the corner of the eye of something not yet seen: light in darkness; rock in leaf; one’s own surprised face!

Cube forms, like crystals of the mineral world, are the antithesis of forms in the organic world. Placed in nature Geo-Cubes are semi-invisible – both there and not there. They can be containers, of both real and reflected objects – as seen in the Mounts Bay installation, or, as seen in another garden installation, sealed modules containing autumn seeds.

Geo-Cubes can be used on land or water. In a pond installation the larger cubes can be fixed or floating free; each cube reflecting in beautiful and unexpected ways. They can act as a frame, bringing geometric order to more organic naturalised planting schemes - or a source of light in dark areas. A stack of frosted mirrored cubes seen in a winter woodland setting bring reflected light into the darkness - like a finger of ice-light.

Geo-Cubes are available as individual modules or as part of a design installation service.
The module shown in the pond is 450mm x 450mm x 450mm and costs £175 plus p&p.

For more information on Geo-cube Modular Concepts or to discuss the possibility of a Geo-cube installation within your own environment, please contact us on 01736 732886 or e-mail
All installations will be costed according to individual requirements

Mirror Cubes per unit:

  • 18": £175
  • 12": £125
  •   8": £95
  •   6": £65
Set of 4 (as above):  £450