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I have been commissioned to design a major work of sculpture to stand outside the newly refurbished Farnham Road Hospital in Guildford, Surrey

Keen to improve the environment for patients, staff and visitors as well as enhance the public image of mental health care in the NHS, the Healing Arts Project of Surrey Hampshire Borders NHS Trust (one of the founder Trusts which merged on April 1 2005 to form Surrey and Borders Partnership NHS Trust) asked me to create a design that would represent HOPE.

Drawing on former experience as a psychotherapist, and because this would be a public sculpture passed daily by commuters, schoolchildren and the like, I also wanted to emphasise the importance of care, not only within the hospital environment but in the broader sense of care for each other, in our homes and families, in the community and for nature.

The sculpture 'A Moment in Time' is of a large seated figure, representing a caring container, cradling another individual. Both are focussed upon the chance arrival of a bird, which represents not only hope but opportunity, because for many in psychiatric care even the simplest of tasks can be difficult to grasp and the therapeutic work is about paying attention to, and being interested in, whatever is occurring in the moment.

The sculpture will eventually be scaled up to stand as a 6-foot high bronze and is awaiting sponsorship. The Healing Arts Project was set up by Surrey Hampshire Borders NHS Trust to provide and channel opportunity and funding for the installation of art in the healing environment. This work continues in Surrey and Borders Partnership NHS Trust, which now covers Surrey and Northeast Hampshire.

For information about the Healing Arts Project, Colin Caffell can be contacted on info@caffell.co.uk or 01736 732886