Terracotta Dish - Lovers
Diameter: 48cm

Terracotta Dish - Girl
Diameter: 40cm

Terracotta Dish - Reconstructed
Diameter: 40cm

These are hand-thrown in a heavily grogged clay, which means that the coarse texture of the clay greatly informs the final design of the piece.

Some pieces are also deliberately broken, with selected pieces discarded, and reassembled as a process of serendipitous choice.

We can often get quite precious about the things we create. So to break a beautiful dish we have just made, as an act of creative choice, helps to transcend such attachments.

It occurred to me, however, that we spend a lot of time in museums admiring things that have been found broken and reassembled, often with some pieces missing. The act of reassembling seems to invest them with even greater value. They become more precious.